Solutions Provider.

LSO Trade & Service GmbH offers engineered solutions for manual, automated and robotized painting systems in the General Industry, Automotive Industry and Automotive Components Suppliers Industry.

Our engineered solutions are driven by today´s requirements to increase efficiency and flexibility, shorten color change times, reduce paint waste and usage of flushing media, etc.

The LSO Team brings more than 30 years of experience in the finishing systems segment.

We also offer engineering services for our clients on a contractual basis.

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Authorized Importer and Distributor of Hosco Fittings LLC, USA.

LSO Trade & Service GmbH is an authorized importation and distribution partner of Hosco Fittings LLC, USA and serve the European markets with finest stainless steel fittings and components for paint application systems.

Hosco´s technology and performance promise of smooth bore, cavity free, low shear and silicone free design will pave the way for dirt free paint delivery to the spray applicators.

Cavity free encapsulated ball valves, tamper proof flow control restrictors, low shear fittings, “no spit” quick disconnects is only an excerpt of what Hosco offers in its product portfolio to eliminate dirt in paint, helping metallic paints finishes retain their color, luster and quality, reducing system pressure loss, speeding installation procedures and furthering overall safety.

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Authorized Distribution Partner.

LSO Trade & Service GmbH is an authorized distribution partner of several painting and fluid handling equipment manufacturers. We supply high-tech market leading painting equipment for all major industry sectors. We also supply the full range of spare parts and offer technical services.